My work can now be found at…

…the Rangers affiliate Nolan Wrtitin’.
Nothing has changed about my writing other than where it is posted. Come read my work and the work of my cohorts.
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Pressin’ On

Last Friday I mentioned that I had received an offer to be a staff writer for Fansided’s Rangers affiliate, Nolan Writin’. After getting everything over there in order, I’m ready to start writing for them full time.
What this means is that I will, for the most part, be leaving The Bleacher Seats behind. Continue reading
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Pouring Like an Avalanche, Comin’ Down the Mountain

Yesterday afternoon Prince Fielder signed a ludicrous deal with the Tigers (which I panned a few hours ago). Now that we know he won’t be playing in Texas for the better part of the next decade, where do the Rangers go from here? Continue reading
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Dancing with a Train

Prince Fielder is off the market. He will not be playing for the Rangers in 2012 and beyond. Continue reading
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I’ve been thinking a lot about Koji Uehara since last night and I think I’ve hit on a bizarre, but plausible truth. Continue reading
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Say sayonara?

Bringing Koji Uehara to the Rangers was not a stupid move on paper, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Continue reading
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The Quick and the Lazy

Over the weekend Joe Paterno (legendary Penn State football coach) died. He actually died twice, which is about twice as many times as most people. Continue reading
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Prince Without a Kingdom

The most fascinating story of the off-season, to me, is the Prince Fielder Saga. Continue reading
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A Review of Beyond Belief (Guest Post)

(This is a special guest post from a very good friend of mine named Alex. I did not ask Alex to write this, he just sent it to me one day. It is a review of Josh Hamilton’s book, which I have not read. But I trust Alex’s opinion on this. If he says it’s good, it probably is.)
(I did some minor editing, mostly adding commas where appropriate. Other than that, it is exactly as Alex wrote it. Enjoy!)
If you’re a Rangers fan (or even just a baseball fan) you’ve heard of Josh Hamilton. Continue reading
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Nice to Meet Yu

Yu Darvish will be introduced tonight at The Ballpark. No doubt it will be a circus. Continue reading
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