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Something About Nothing

It’s a little over two weeks from now that pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training. Until then, we’re sort of trapped in this awkward limbo period where all there is to talk about is arbitration and non-roster invitees. … Continue reading

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The Texas Ralphies vs. The New York Scuts

Last summer, early in July, I woke up and turned on Sportscenter to find that a trade was afoot. A big deal was about to go down in the world of baseball. The Yankees, once again, were about to get … Continue reading

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Something Not Baseball

Although this site is [and always will be] devoted primarily to Texas Rangers baseball, I might occasionally spend some amount of time talking about other issues elsewhere in the world of sports. For instance, had I been around last summer, … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans and All That

Here I was, all set to ease back into the week by sharing a short personal experience from a trip to The Ballpark back in September, when out of nowhere Jon Daniels makes one of those out of nowhere kinds … Continue reading

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Good Call

The Rangers finally have their new TV play-by-play guy and it’s John Rhadigan, of Fox Sports Southwest. Did anybody actually see that coming?

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Statistical Alchemy

(I originally started writing this post on Sunday, but it took a lot of time and energy to finish, so I hope you appreciate my effort.) After spending most of my [Sunday] down in the lab, I emerge triumphant with … Continue reading

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Tupperware Pitchers

Try as I might, I can’t think of another position in the game of baseball that is more overrated than the closer.

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The Rays Wanted More(land)

I decided to take a day off since I was getting a little writing fatigued and needed to recharge my batteries, but I’m back now. Let’s talk one more time [briefly] about the Matt Garza deal that didn’t go down.

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Michael Young’s Stapler

One of my favorite movies is Mike Judge’s Office Space. In the film, Stephen Root plays the oft overlooked collator Milton, whose boss is constantly forcing him to change desks despite his protests. The Michael Young situation makes me think … Continue reading

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Get Your Wheaties Fix

These last two updates were originally going to be one long update, but last night turned into this morning and I was pushing 700 words already. So, here’s part 2 of my thoughts on the Jon Daniels Philosophy.

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