Things of Note

Although conventional blog wisdom suggests that I should, I don’t feel comfortable making an entire post that includes just a link and a small blurb. If I did that, I would find myself with several days worth of content, but would likely also find myself being chased by villagers (with torches) because I have so wasted everyone’s time.
Instead, here are several links and several small blurbs:
Tom Vandergriff Died
I’m too young myself to understand the significance of this man, but in doing some reading I have quickly come to appreciate what he meant to North Texas. He is the reason that DFW has a real baseball team and for that I thank & respect him.
MY on the Move (Yet Again)
It seems that we are slowly marching towards the inevitable. Yesterday I turned on the TV and saw Buster Olney squawking about Adrian Beltre coming to Texas. As I do with almost everything Olney says, I quickly disregarded it. But now that TR Sullivan is reporting it, I am a little more inclined to believe.
Wednesday Will Be Here Soon Enough, But That’s Not Soon Enough
The link above is just one example of the unreasonable discourse that surrounds HOF ballots. There is a lot of sniping and name-calling, which makes for great reading, let me tell ya.
Those Who Will for All of Time Be Remembered
will be announced tomorrow and then we can all stop talking about it for another year.
This Guy [Might] Know Stuff About Baseball and Life
I found this Dirk Hayhurst guy today and I like what I have read. I have only sampled a couple of his posts, so for all I know he’s a racist or worships the devil.* I don’t think he does, though.
Bondy, You Fiend!
It seems that Filip Bondy stole my bit before I even had one. At the beginning of every year he writes an article eerily similar in tone and style to my Outlandish Predictions post.
I can just see myself squaring off with Bondy one day and he turning to me with his devilish moustache and saying “We’re not so different, you and I” as any good villain should.

Joking aside, it seems that Mr. Bondy lost his father on New Year’s day, for which I am sorry.
I think that will be all for now. I hope that you found at least one of those links mildly interesting.
*Seriously, though, I really don’t think he’s a racist or devil worshiper. I was just joking and I don’t want this to be something that people latch onto and it turns into a big thing and is all over Twitter and stuff.
But it’s probably too late for that, isn’t it? ESPN is already reporting on it, aren’t they? It already says “Sources say that RHP Dirk Hayhurst worships the White Man’s Devil” on the ticker at the bottom of the screen, doesn’t it?

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My name is Mike. I am an avid fan of the Texas Rangers. I like reading and jogging, but I don't do either nearly as often as I should. I like writing about more than just baseball. Your opinion is your own, but please be respectful. Everyone is welcome in The Bleacher Seats.
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