Spinning into the Oblivion

In regards to the Michael Young trade that still hasn’t happened, it’s getting harder and harder to tell what is real and what has been drawn from the imaginations of baseball writers still huddled around the dying embers of what was once a roaring Hot Stove.
Perhaps that was a bit melodramatic, but it’s the sort of mood that all this MY talk has put me into.
During the Winter Meetings, the media got a whiff that the Rockies were interested in Michael Young and ran with it [acting as if it were inevitable]. There was so much speculation about what that would mean for the franchise and some even theorized that the team wanted to dump Young’s $48MM/3y contract to free up money for Cliff Lee.
Jon Daniels and others in the know quickly put the kibosh on the rumors, stating plainly that it was just talk. Their policy is that there’s no harm in hearing someone out, even if they want to talk about your franchise player.
A few weeks ago, during the Fan Fest events, Nolan Ryan and Ron Washington both said that Young would be a Ranger on Opening Day.
Ron Washington even went so far as to say that Young is the ‘straw that stirs the drink’.
(In actuality, Josh Hamilton is the straw that stirs the drink. Young might be the glass that holds the drink. Or the ice that keeps the drink cool in the Texas heat. It’s hard to keep track of all of these advanced metaphors.)
(It occurred to me just this moment that Pudge Rodriguez left Texas because Tom Hicks let him. He probably couldn’t pay him because he had so much money tied up in the other Rodriguez. What a hapless buffoon Mr. Hicks was.)
It did strike me as odd that the front office people were being so adamant about MY’s role in the future of the club. It reminded me of a comment Nolan made earlier in the off-season, when he stated very plainly that Young was the starting 3B, which was true at the time.
It wasn’t long after that that Adrian Beltre was signed and Young was moved to his new DH/SU role.
Still, for the moment, I will eat what they serve me. It does little good to lose my head over something that might happen someday.
Of course, that won’t stop others from squeezing every drop of content they can from a simple rumor.
Rosenthal said that Young could be out of Texas by Monday*. Troy Renck said that talks with the Rockies haven’t been reopened since December. TR Sullivan said nobody knows anything right now.
(Buster Olney also said something, but I ignored him.)
I’ve said before that I’d like for Young to be around a while longer. The list of players that have stuck by this team like Young is very short and may actually be only one name long. On top of that, he has said repeatedly that this is where he wants to be when his career ends.
There just aren’t that many guys I can think of that really wanted to be here as much as Michael Young. That’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.
(As a quick side note, Vlad Guerrero struck a deal yesterday with the Orioles for $8MM/1y. Good for him for sticking to his guns and making it happen. I hope he does well in Baltimore.)
No update tomorrow. I’ll be watching the Super Bowl and eating my Victory Chili. Back on Monday.
*But then clarified that the Rangers aren’t 100% sure they want to move him anyway.

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