The Sunday Flash?

My update schedule has been very inconsistent these last few weeks, I’ll be the first to admit that. It has nothing to do with a dearth of stories to analyze, but is more a symptom of laziness and lack of drive.
I’ll try to be more diligent from here on out, hopefully avoiding week long hiatuses and the like.
Joey Matschulat at Baseball Time in Arlington does an open thread every Sunday, which is usually five open ended questions about whatever might be going on with the Rangers or Major League Baseball at the time.
When I started to put this site together, I had the idea to start every week by going over each of those questions here. That idea was scrapped before long, because it felt like content theft and something of a desperation move.
As far as going point by point through all five questions, that still isn’t something I’m interested in, but I’ve decided that I want to try something in a similar vein.
I’m calling it The Sunday Flash, in which I will answer one of the five questions each week. The question I choose will be whichever most interests me at the time or whichever I can give the most thorough answer.
What do you think, dear reader? Do you think this is something you’d like to see on a weekly basis? Does the title work for you or can you think of something better than The Sunday Flash?

About Mike Luna

My name is Mike. I am an avid fan of the Texas Rangers. I like reading and jogging, but I don't do either nearly as often as I should. I like writing about more than just baseball. Your opinion is your own, but please be respectful. Everyone is welcome in The Bleacher Seats.
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