One Week Until Forever

In exactly one week, we will know the fate of the Texas Rangers going forward. It may sound dramatic, but it’s true.
Next Wednesday (Jan. 18th) Yu Darvish will either be a Ranger or he won’t. There is no middle ground. There are no do-overs.
It’s being reported by some that Prince Fielder may be hanging back in his own contract negotiations, waiting to see whether the Rangers will have any room in their budget a week from now.
If Yu isn’t signed, Fielder could be the first domino to fall.
When this process began, most people seemed to think that a deal wouldn’t take long to put together. Now a lot of those same people expect it to go down to the wire.
But, gun to my head, I wager that Yu gets himself a deal.
If it doesn’t go down, expect everyone to be surprised. For now, though, we play the waiting game.
Or Hungry Hungry Hippos. That’s a much better game.

Below, I have reintroduced the Yu Darvish song title parody poll from last week. Feel free to vote again.

About Mike Luna

My name is Mike. I am an avid fan of the Texas Rangers. I like reading and jogging, but I don't do either nearly as often as I should. I like writing about more than just baseball. Your opinion is your own, but please be respectful. Everyone is welcome in The Bleacher Seats.
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3 Responses to One Week Until Forever

  1. AC/DC one still makes me uncomfortable….lol.

    As for the rest of the post, I don’t see any reason the Rangers wouldn’t be able to sign him, short of Darvish just not wanting to come yet. Moving to a new country to play the game on a whole other level with more money than you’ve ever seen before on the line…that would make anyone take their time.

    • Mike Luna says:

      These things usually seem to go down to the wire. In a negotiation, you don’t really walk in day 1 and say “This is exactly what I will take and it’s a perfectly reasonable sum” or “Pay me whatever you want. I don’t care.”

      Usually one side starts small, the other large. Then you gradually work towards the middle until you absolutely have to make a deal. This seems to be what everyone thinks is going on.

      Then again, what do those people know?

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