Catch Knowledge! (w/ a Poll)

A few days ago, I wrote something about the 2012 off-season, which will see both of the Rangers’ catchers enter free agency if extensions cannot be worked out.
I’ve done a little bit of research and discovered that things may not be so dire as I thought.
According to a list on MLB Trade Rumors, 2013 is a robust FA class for catchers. Granted, two of those listed come from the Rangers, but there are several more high profile names.
Yadier Molina jumps out immediately. Were I a betting man, though, I’d say St. Louis probably re-signs him. That is why they let Pujols walk away, so they could afford other players.
Were Molina available, though, I wouldn’t mind making a run at him.
Outside of Molina and the two Rangers, Chris Iannetta, Russell Martin, Miguel Montero, and A.J. Pierzynski may all be available.
Pierzynski has never really impressed me, but Martin may be on the upswing after getting out of LA. Martin may also not have a place to play once the Yankees settle in with their young stud catching prospect, Jesus Montero.
Chris Iannetta and Miguel Montero are both intriguing names, but their respective clubs (Angels and Diamondbacks) may lock them up.
Nothing is set in stone yet. The Rangers may very well sign Napoli and/or Torrealba to extensions and render all of this moot. It is nice to know, though, that there may be options beyond those two.
I would feel a lot less secure if this team were in need of a third baseman or a shortstop.

If you missed it, the title of this post is a reference to Community. If you can name which episode it comes from, you win The Prize, which is priority registration.

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